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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Letter to Homeschool Parents

To All My Homeschool Parents Out There,

Thank you for sharing with me your updates on your gifted child. I say this with honesty, not any sarcasm. I am genuinely happy for you and your child who is duel enrolled in college at age 14. I am genuinely happy for you that your child is doing a super job at maintaining a 4.2 GPA, is president of a club and vice president of another. Yes, you are doing a great job raising the next potential leader in this world. Hat's off to you and please take a bow.

Now, for the rest of us, I want to take a moment and say this: You Are Also Doing a Bang Up Job!!! Keep it going!

For those of us who homeschool because we have children with special needs, you are doing a great job! Keep it going!!! I know some days are tough, tougher than others, but you keep going! High five me!

For those of us who homeschool because we have a child with mental illness: Congrats! You made it through another day and they are still with us on this Earth! High five me!!!

For those of us who homeschool because our child has learning disabilities: Congrats! You are on the way to breaking their secret code! Keep up the good work!  High five me!

For those of us who homeschool because we don't like the way the public school is run: Congrats! You made another choice! I hope it is is all you have ever dreamed of! High five me!

For those of us who homeschool for religious reasons: Congrats! You are raising a child in the way you feel best with a moral compass for them to rely upon as they grow!  High five me!

For those of us who homeschool because we just feel like it: Congrats! You decided to follow your parent's saying of: "If everyone else was jumping off a bridge, would you?" No! You decided to say NO to the bridge jumping! Good for you!!! High five me!!!

And for those of us who homeschool because we have gifted children: Please keep us updated on their progress. Maybe, someday, we will be able to post similar things.

But for today, I am simply happy to post the following:
Honey Bunny has been clean from cutting for 6 months!
Honey Bunny hasn't had an emotional break in a year!
Honey Bunny is learning how to make her own meals and regulate her own water intake!
Honey Bunny is maintaining a meaningful relationship and learning communication skills!

Boo Bear is learning how to break the code for reading!
Boo Bear is learning how to subtract!
Boo Bear is learning how to find her own sense of self!

Today and every day is a success!!!! I have two children alive and engaged in the world around them!

Hat's off Homeschool Parents!  We are ALL doing a great job!!!! High five me!!


  1. Thank you for this. And all the best to you and your Honey Bunny. I just stumbled across your blog.....I am glad to find you out here in the homeschooling world. Keep your chin up.

    1. My chin is as high as a 5'1 momma's can be. :)

      You're welcome for this. My goal is to help other people realize an imperfect life is okay. We don't notice light without darkness. We don't notice growth without stability.

      We are all doing our best for ourselves and our children. We must stop comparing ourselves to others.

      I hope you go through and read through the other posts and enjoy them. Thank you for the reply.

      I like knowing I'm not the only one reading my posts. Lol

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